The Future Of Performance Management Requires Robust Systems And Processes

The performance management cycle is a mature process in most organizations, especially the bigger ones. But there is a downside to this maturity: the performance management cycle becomes incredibly structured and complex New research from the performance factory shows that there are seven trends shaping the performance management cycle in 2020. Let’s take a closer look: 1. Performance Management cycle: from[…]

Teams With Goals Increase Performance

According to Don Sull, Senior Researcher at MIT, “Teams with specific and ambitious goals increase achievement from 50% to 80%. And increase further to 90% with feedback.” Goal achievement is paramount to employee success and satisfaction. Employees who feel a connection to the company’s mission—through goal setting and achievement—take delivering on business outcomes to the[…]

Eliminated The “Dreaded” Performance Reviews, Now What?

For the past few years, it’s been a hot HR trend: the move away from the traditional (aka “dreaded”) annual employee evaluation. Evaluations are viewed as outdated, too formal and too demoralizing.  So yesterday. So what happens when they’re gone? Turns out the results are disappointing. Companies that have jettisoned formal evaluations are seeing declines in the[…]