Align 100% of your Workforce to Strategy and Culture

When we show people ETW we’re met with 2 general reactions...

First is the initial and immediate reaction that ETW is a broad, far reaching and very deep workplace management and communications platform that consolidates performance management, leadership development and culture. And, more than anything, is the realization that ETW is transforming how effective businesses can be and impact, directly, the bottom line. 

Then, after the initial “wow” reaction, a sense of oh-crap reality sets in with an often stated question,

“How much time does it take to do all this?”

Below find our latest whitepaper on a “day in the life” for 4 personas using ETW. While we find with more mature users of ETW that there is some time shifting/saving from other more manual or disparate processes to gain the kinds of insights, visibility, transparency and accountability that you get with the ETW platform, this shows what a typical user of ETW can expect in terms of time invested, activities engaged in and insights gained from the use of ETW. With ETW you can now align every employee to your strategy to get results.

Download "A Day in the Life" here>>

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