Align 100% of your Workforce to Strategy and Culture

When we show people ETW we’re met with 2 general reactions… First is the initial and immediate reaction that ETW is a broad, far reaching and very deep workplace management and communications platform that consolidates performance management, leadership development and culture. And, more than anything, is the realization that ETW is transforming how effective businesses[…]

Embracing a Flexible Performance Management Model

Almost every organization I talk to is redefining its approach to performance management. There is widespread dissatisfaction with the traditional tick-box approach and many have already embraced much more flexible models. Others are finding that the techniques of old are so ingrained that making a shift is proving quite difficult. As part of Cirrus and[…]

Goals Matter

In a recent Harvard Business Review report, only 42% of companies measure employee progress toward their goals but 100% of companies with higher-performing employees have a formal linkage between corporate and individual goals. The struggles with strategic execution and alignment ring true for so many businesses, and the solutions that exist in the market today[…]

BAIN – “Only 40% of the workforce understood the company’s goals and strategy.”

Employee engagement — it’s often iterated, but rarely initiated. Review any organization that has earned a “best place to work” designation and you’ll discover a common thread: employees who are highly engaged. “The intellectual argument in favor of improving employee engagement is irrefutable,” states a new report on the topic from Demand Metric Research Corp. (, a[…]

Teams With Goals Increase Performance

According to Don Sull, Senior Researcher at MIT, “Teams with specific and ambitious goals increase achievement from 50% to 80%. And increase further to 90% with feedback.” Goal achievement is paramount to employee success and satisfaction. Employees who feel a connection to the company’s mission—through goal setting and achievement—take delivering on business outcomes to the[…]