What Does ETW Do For Both “Good” And “Bad” (Or “New”) Managers?

For “Good” Managers ETW provides visual tools for the manager to tell/share the story with employees. Visibility to KPI’s and other objective reporting is a single source of truth that reinforces consistency of message and transparency. During communications with employees, action items are captured to drive accountability on both sides. ETW provides platform to talk about culture in effective framework to enhance[…]

Evolving Performance Management

Quite simply, organizations, managers and employees are running out of patience with the inability of performance management to deliver on its promise of aligning individual performance and development with business strategy. Particularly as business leaders think about the return on investment, the consensus is that today’s performance management programs aren’t paying off. We hear quite a[…]

Find The Middle Ground With Performance Management That Works

There continues to be a lot of talk about performance ratings, with recent research from insight and technology company CEB suggesting that more than 20 percent of organizations are either planning to or have already eliminated these from their performance management approach, while another 30 percent are considering it. From speaking to businesses it is evident[…]

The Future Of Performance Management Requires Robust Systems And Processes

The performance management cycle is a mature process in most organizations, especially the bigger ones. But there is a downside to this maturity: the performance management cycle becomes incredibly structured and complex New research from the performance factory shows that there are seven trends shaping the performance management cycle in 2020. Let’s take a closer look: 1. Performance Management cycle: from[…]

Eliminated The “Dreaded” Performance Reviews, Now What?

For the past few years, it’s been a hot HR trend: the move away from the traditional (aka “dreaded”) annual employee evaluation. Evaluations are viewed as outdated, too formal and too demoralizing.  So yesterday. So what happens when they’re gone? Turns out the results are disappointing. Companies that have jettisoned formal evaluations are seeing declines in the[…]