August Forum for Leaders: Values vs. Observable Behaviors

  THURSDAY, AUGUST 17TH, 2017 Values vs. Observable Behaviors In our last forum, you learned how to create standard work for leaders as an important step to developing your MOS. Another critical piece of your MOS is developing and optimizing a culture that enhances performance. Discover the benefits of developing and applying observable behaviors to[…]

Embracing a Flexible Performance Management Model

Almost every organization I talk to is redefining its approach to performance management. There is widespread dissatisfaction with the traditional tick-box approach and many have already embraced much more flexible models. Others are finding that the techniques of old are so ingrained that making a shift is proving quite difficult. As part of Cirrus and[…]

The Table Group: Institutionalization vs. Bureaucracy

By: Pat Lencioni Institutionalization vs. Bureaucracy June 2016 Whenever I speak to a group of executives about organizational health, I explain that leaders must “institutionalize a company’s culture without bureaucratizing it.” People universally respond to this, most likely because they understand the painful impact of creeping bureaucracy. But what is it about bureaucracy that provokes[…]

What Does ETW Do For Both “Good” And “Bad” (Or “New”) Managers?

For “Good” Managers ETW provides visual tools for the manager to tell/share the story with employees. Visibility to KPI’s and other objective reporting is a single source of truth that reinforces consistency of message and transparency. During communications with employees, action items are captured to drive accountability on both sides. ETW provides platform to talk about culture in effective framework to enhance[…]

Eliminated The “Dreaded” Performance Reviews, Now What?

For the past few years, it’s been a hot HR trend: the move away from the traditional (aka “dreaded”) annual employee evaluation. Evaluations are viewed as outdated, too formal and too demoralizing.  So yesterday. So what happens when they’re gone? Turns out the results are disappointing. Companies that have jettisoned formal evaluations are seeing declines in the[…]