Organizational Culture + Mindset = Big Results

Posted on 08 May, 2017 by Jack Irving

New research from Bersin by Deloitte found that fewer than 50% of leaders are able to effectively drive change and only 12% of organizations “strongly agree” that they anticipate change and respond effectively and efficiently. Assuming that the pace of change will not slow down anytime soon, the question is how can organizations create a workforce that is prepared to adapt to the pace and scale of change?  Deloitte found that high-performing companies are promoting new approaches to continuous learning and a different view of leadership, blending the principles of each to create a culture of leadership and learning.

People often describe a strong culture as something that “you can just feel.”

Recent research from Deloitte found that a culture of leadership and learning encompasses both a particular mindset about leadership and development, and specific, observable behaviors displayed by employees on a daily basis. Leaders in such a culture embody the value of learning, enable knowledge-sharing, encourage risk-taking, and view failure as a learning opportunity.

A culture that values both leadership at all levels and continuous learning encourages employees to develop and maintain a natural and internalized response to learn about, lead, and anticipate change. Further, this approach seems to translate into upgraded business performance. In fact, Deloitte’s global talent management research confirms that a culture of leadership and learning is linked to both a greater ability to anticipate and respond effectively and efficiently to change, and higher organizational performance.

Top organizations are:

  • 2X more likely to anticipate and respond effectively and efficiently to change

  • 2X more likely to meet or exceed financial targets

  • 7X more likely to manage performance problems

  • 10X more likely to identify and develop leaders


ROI of An Intentional Culture

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