ETW Provides Formal Solution for Eagle Copters Operational Readiness

In need of a solution for optimizing operations, Eagle Copters enlists ETW’s implementation team to provide a formal performance management system and support for future success

MESA, Ariz. – Oct. 25, 2016 – PRLog — Eagle Copters, while facing a challenging market based on economic conditions in the global helicopter industry, was looking to optimize and formalize its operations. Execute to Win (ETW) would not only provide them with the platform for a formal system, but would facilitate the build-out of a disciplined, focused execution plan.

President and CEO, Barry Kohler speaks to the success Eagle Copters has seen with the assistance of the ETW implementation team, “The ETW team helped us to get from Point A to Point B when we weren’t even sure what Point B needed to be. The professional services provided by the ETW implementation team really made all the difference for us. Now the whole organization likes to see that there is a clear strategy to execution, and consistent communication around goals and accountability.”

To kick off the process, ETW conducted a pre-implementation survey which identified four key areas of improvement:

  •  Manager Effectiveness:Timely and constructive feedback and recognition
  •  Communication: Clear expectations with open and honest dialogue
  •  Alignment: Understanding the company strategy, how the individual’s work is connected to strategy, and feeling connected to the company’s Mission and direction
  •  Organizational Trust: Trusting the direction of leadership with confidence that concerns may be voiced, and hard work will be recognized

A two-day facilitation with the Eagle Copters leadership team would follow, as well as individualized training for each subsequent level of leadership, the introduction of a management cycle, and the cascading of goals throughout the entire organization. Eagle Copters has seen improvements in all four focus areas, and now has a structured goal and performance management process to optimize operations and improve employee alignment to the company goals and mission.

“I am very happy to be working with Eagle Copters on their performance and operations optimization goals,” stated ETW CEO Lee Benson. “Eagle Copters is a company built on a strong reputation, and I am very pleased to be providing the support they were looking for through ETW.”

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About ETW

ETW provides a platform to track, evaluate and measure employee performance against the major objectives of the organization. Easily execute and translate long-term strategy into clear, actionable goals. With ETW you can effectively communicate the company’s roadmap to success and engage everyone throughout the organization with that roadmap. Using ETW your organization can connect employees to strategy and culture to drive sustainable winning results.

About Eagle Copters

Eagle Copters, Ltd., is a leading, global provider of helicopter leasing, sales and support services. With regional hubs in North America, South America and Australasia, we provision for all aspects of helicopter operations to hundreds of customers around the world. Learn more about us at

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