Execute to Win Expands Best in Class Goal-Setting Capability for Maximum Flexibility

With the enhancement of goal-setting and plan features in the ETW application, clients will find maximum adaptability and flexibility to meet their business requirements

Mesa, Arizona (PRWEB) March 23, 2017: The Execute to Win platform has been enhanced to include expansive plan and goal-setting capabilities. With the new ability to build out plans, supporting plans and related goals on an infinite scale, users have more flexibility than ever before.

The application has four distinct goal types, and three levels of access and interaction for both goals and plans, creating numerous customization options.

“This is a much more robust interpretation of a ‘goals and plans’ feature than has been displayed by any similar performance management platform, and allows users to incorporate their own goal-setting methodologies during build-out,” explains ETW President Ali Parnian.

ETW’s new feature set allows for and encourages:

  • Appropriate levels of transparency to company strategy, goals and efforts
  • Consistency of objectives and communications
  • Accountability to actions and efforts
  • Integration of current business processes and methodologies

“As we look toward the future of performance management, we believe it is critical to provide a service to our clients that does not box them in to any one business methodology,” Ali continues. “By building out the ETW application to be more adaptable, I am confident that our users will be pleased with the new, more expansive features.”

ETW’s goal and plan features, while remaining user-friendly, have the capacity to accommodate any team or organization ranging from a small operation to an enterprise-level organization.

Learn more about ETW’s new goals and plans features in their latest communication available on our Resources page.

About ETW:
ETW provides a platform to track, evaluate and measure employee performance against the major objectives of the organization. Easily execute and translate long-term strategy into clear, actionable goals. With ETW you can effectively communicate the company's roadmap to success and engage everyone throughout the organization with that roadmap. Using ETW your organization can connect employees to strategy and culture to drive sustainable winning results.

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