Execute to Win Publishes New E-book Focused on Driving an Intentional Culture

With a mission to connect employees to strategy and culture to drive sustainable winning results, ETW shares insights for building an Intentional Culture

MESA, Ariz. – PRWebMarch 28, 2017- In Execute to Win’s (ETW) latest e-book, Values Versus Observable Behaviors: How to drive an Intentional Culture, ETW addresses some of today’s biggest challenges organizations often face when it comes to forming an Intentional Culture.

One important distinction readers will make early on is the difference between creating feel-good values versus observable behaviors; the latter of which actively contribute as building blocks for your company culture while the former are often too vague to have any true impact.

In a recent survey by the National Bureau of Economic Research, over half of senior executives believe that corporate culture is a top-three driver of firm value and 92% believe that improving their culture would increase their firm's value. Surprisingly, only 16% believe their culture is where it should be.

ETW believes that culture has the potential to be a main driver of long-term business success, and is not a topic to be overlooked. The e-book clearly outlines the benefits of owning your company culture rather than allowing it to form on its own, and provides readers with direction through four steps to develop, drive and scale an effective Intentional Culture.

“Intentional Culture is not something that just happens,” says Jack Irving, ETW VP of Sales and Marketing. “You can’t treat it as a quick marketing exercise. Using fluffy words like ‘Integrity’ or ‘Innovation’ as your core values might make your company look and feel good on the surface, but it won’t last. Building an effective Intentional Culture requires that you look beneath the surface and take the time to observe and learn–What exactly is it that makes someone innovative? Or what actions demonstrate integrity? That is where you need to start.”

Values Versus Observable Behaviors is available for download here.

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ETW provides a platform to track, evaluate and measure employee performance against the major objectives of the organization. Easily execute and translate long-term strategy into clear, actionable goals. With ETW you can effectively communicate the company's roadmap to success and engage everyone throughout the organization with that roadmap. Using ETW your organization can connect employees to strategy and culture to drive sustainable winning results.



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