Increase ROI with Effective 1-to-1 Communication Tips

Every conversation you have in the workplace has the potential to positively impact your business. Whether you are communicating within your team, from manager to subordinate or outwardly to a client, effective communication is critical to maximize business results.

Perhaps some of the most critical communications for the sake of business results are those between managers and direct reports in 1-to-1 meetings. If not approached in the correct way, these meetings can be intimidating–too intimidating to have a valuable two-way conversation that will lead to improved results.

Making a few slight adjustments to apply effective communication in 1-to-1 meetings will quickly drive performance results in the right direction and increase ROI.


One– Make it clear.

Make your communication (whether it is in person, or written) clear. Meaning you get your point across in a way that the average person would understand instinctively and wouldn't have many, if any, follow-up questions where they need clarification.

Two– Do it in person.

On a similar note, make every effort to have your 1-to-1 communciations in person. Written notes are too easily misinterpreted. For the sake of clarity, make in-person 1-to-1 conversations a priority. 

Three– Make it concise.

The more quickly you can get to your point (of course without sacrificing clarity) the better. The listener should not have to mentally sift through a sea of adjectives and filler words to understand the main message. Your point is made quickly and immediately resonates with the person on the receiving end.

Four– Keep on topic.

Make sure both parties are clear on the purpose of the meeting. Is it a meeting regarding their performance? Their team's performance? A specific project? You and the other party should know and be prepared to speak on the topic prior to entering the conversation. This will make for an efficient, productive conversation for both of you.


Users of the ETW platform have access to various features that make these adjustments part of their regular 1-to-1 cadence. For example, users are encouraged to hold regular monthly 1-to-1 meetings between managers and direct reports. They record notes relating to their specific performance and goals directly in the system prior to the in-person meeting. With the use of our new Tone Analysis feature, they can also judge whether or not the verbiage they enter in is clear and if it will be interpreted correctly. 

“I now have monthly meetings with my five direct reports. ETW has made us more productive because we focus on the key things that drive results for our company.”

Joe Grygiel–Senior Director of Operations Air Evac Lifeteam


If you are interested in learning more about why investing your time in 1-to-1 meetings is valuable, take a look at this info sheet, and don't forget to apply the above tips to hold effective, productive and results-driven conversations in your 1-to-1's.

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