BAIN - “Only 40% of the workforce understood the company’s goals and strategy.”

Employee engagement — it’s often iterated, but rarely initiated. Review any organization that has earned a “best place to work” designation and you’ll discover a common thread: employees who are highly engaged.

“The intellectual argument in favor of improving employee engagement is irrefutable,” states a new report on the topic from Demand Metric Research Corp. (, a marketing research and advisory firm. “Whatever definition one chooses, having more engaged employees should lead to better performance and a variety of improved business outcomes. Yet in many organizations, employee engagement is not a recognized, serious initiative that is viewed as having a measurable return.”

Analysis provided these key findings:

•  Engagement follows leadership —  81 percent of organizations with leaders who emphasize employee engagement are getting it, with more than half of their workforce truly engaged.

•  Characteristics of more engaged workers include higher levels of revenue, employee retention, productivity, morale and creativity

•  86 percent of organizations with higher levels of engagement agree that an engaged workforce is a key factor in creating loyal customers. Only 54 percent of organizations with lower levels of engagement agree with this effect on customer loyalty.

•  Corporate culture ultimately determines the level of employee engagement, and higher levels of engagement occur where the culture is both employee- and customer-centric, not in organizations that are primarily customer-centric.

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