Harvard Business Review: How Aligned Is Your Organization?

How Aligned Is Your Organization? By Jonathan Trevor and Barry Varcoe FEBRUARY 07, 2017 © 2017 Harvard Business School Publishing Corp. From Harvard Business Review Distributed by The New York Times Syndicate Most executives today know their enterprises should be aligned. They know their strategies, organizational capabilities, resources, and management systems should all be arranged to support[…]

ETW Publishes New Whitepaper Highlighting a Day in the Life of an ETW User

MESA, Ariz. – Jan. 31, 2017 – PRLog — Execute to win is excited to present “A Day in the Life: How ETW Impacts CEOs, Senior Executives, Middle Managers & Front-line Employees,” a whitepaper explaining how the ETW platform can be used by personnel at any level of an organization. The document gives an in-depth[…]

Embracing a Flexible Performance Management Model

Almost every organization I talk to is redefining its approach to performance management. There is widespread dissatisfaction with the traditional tick-box approach and many have already embraced much more flexible models. Others are finding that the techniques of old are so ingrained that making a shift is proving quite difficult. As part of Cirrus and[…]

What is a Management Operating System?

A Management Operating System (MOS) is the tool that translates corporate goals into actions and tracks the organization’s performance. Within the MOS you have three key items that organize your system: Objectives, Goals, and Tasks. These three items work together to create a valuable MOS, and turn your strategy into an agile execution plan. Objectives: Top-line[…]

February CEO Forum: Setting a Foundation for Managing Growth

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16TH, 2017 SETTING A FOUNDATION FOR MANAGING GROWTH: Translating foundational readiness into a scalable, sustainable management operating system In our last forum, you learned how building an Intentional Culture can directly impact the success of your company. In addition to building that culture, realizing success is preceded by one’s ability to plan for[…]

The Table Group: Institutionalization vs. Bureaucracy

By: Pat Lencioni Institutionalization vs. Bureaucracy June 2016 Whenever I speak to a group of executives about organizational health, I explain that leaders must “institutionalize a company’s culture without bureaucratizing it.” People universally respond to this, most likely because they understand the painful impact of creeping bureaucracy. But what is it about bureaucracy that provokes[…]

Harvard Business Review: Why Strategy Execution Unravels-and What to Do About It

Why Strategy Execution Unravels-and What to Do About It BC-HBR-COMPLETE-STRATEGY-UNRAVELS-NYTSF Donald Sull, Rebecca Homkes and Charles Sull © 2015 Harvard Business School Publishing Corp. From Harvard Business Review Distributed by The New York Times Syndicate Since Michael Porter’s seminal work in the 1980s we have had a clear and widely accepted definition of what strategy[…]