Teams With Goals Increase Performance

According to Don Sull, Senior Researcher at MIT, “Teams with specific and ambitious goals increase achievement from 50% to 80%. And increase further to 90% with feedback.”

Goal achievement is paramount to employee success and satisfaction. Employees who feel a connection to the company’s mission—through goal setting and achievement—take delivering on business outcomes to the next level. They feel personally invested and responsible and it impacts the way they work. Bersin by Deloitte found organizations that make it easy for employees to set clear goals are four times more likely to rank in the top 25 percent of business outcomes.

Organizations are experiencing a correlation between aligned employees and business results. Higher-performing employees report a formal linkage between corporate and individual goals, and companies with aligned, high-performing employees are 2.2 times more likely to be top performers compared with the competition. Instilling a company’s employees with a shared understanding of its long-term goals and strategy requires a commitment from the organization’s leader, regular guidance and feedback on progress toward goal achievement, and access to technologies that enable workers to pursue this shared vision.

ETW provides a best practice framework of a goal setting that is outcome based with objective scoring criteria, with a management cadence for ongoing performance management and interaction that establishes and improves transparency and accountability. With ETW you can now better understand the thinking behind your numbers when everyone has a continual improvement mindset and lives for an accountable outcome-driven employee development environment.

ETW, the business operating system for the modern enterprise. Learn more at or contact us at to learn how ETW can be an integral part of your business and performance management operations.

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