What Does ETW Do For Both “Good” And “Bad” (Or “New”) Managers?

For “Good” Managers ETW provides visual tools for the manager to tell/share the story with employees. Visibility to KPI’s and other objective reporting is a single source of truth that reinforces consistency of message and transparency.

During communications with employees, action items are captured to drive accountability on both sides. ETW provides platform to talk about culture in effective framework to enhance communication, focusing on outcome based goals and reduce the reliance on communication threads like e-mail.

Using ETW helps provide a positive framework for coaching and remain progressive when talking about goals and culture

For “new” or “bad” managers, ETW impacts overall management in various ways. If starting at ground zero, or not a professional manager, ETW provides manager with some of the fundamentals of management. ETW helps provide contextual communication with a framework and structure to communications.

Often new managers act as Firefighters or are promoted because they were the “best widget maker.” ETW gives them a way to talk about outcomes and gives them a process to communication and leadership when there wasn’t one before and helps the manager focus on establishing outcome based goals and not tactics.

Additionally, the transparency that ETW reinforces allows the manager of the new manager to see how they are managing and if they can coach others.

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